Thursday, 31 October 2013

How To Remove Window Frosting | Guidelines For Window Frosting Removal From Experts

The window frosting mainly works like a sticker which you peel from the paper surface and apply on the window. But with times, the common wear and tear and also the ultraviolet ray start to damage this frosting. After that, while the frosting no more looks great, it is the time when you should remove it from the window. 

Though you successfully remove the frosting, the adhesive still sticks to the window. So, you need to put some extra effort in the window frosting removal process in order to remove the adhesive. But this is not a tough job. In this blog, I will tell you the process how to remove window frosting. Read along to learn more.
  • Use the knife and make cut downward through the frosting. Then run the blade of the knife under the edge of the cut and pry up the frosting. After peeling back any corner, use your fingers to pull off all the frosting areas. Take off large swathes of the frosting from the window. Repeat the cuts and remove as much as frosting as you can.
  • Add the razor blade in a holder, put on the safety gloves and then scrape downward to remove the frosting from the window. Scrape gently and push the blade into corners and edges, then discard the frosting on a drop cloth.
  • Use the best quality steel wool to remove the leftover frosting. Put a little pressure to avoid getting any scratches. After roughening up the surface of the frosting with the steel wool, try to use the razor once more. Scrape downward and repeat the process until and unless the frosting removes completely.
  • After all the window frosting removal you have to clean the window. Use any commercial glass cleaner or vinegar and clean the glass with the help of a clean cloth. It will take a few applications to clean all the residue and to make your window sparkling again.
If you need some extra knowledge on how do I remove window frosting, then you can click on this link

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