Monday, 23 December 2013

How To Remove Window Frosting Spray | Guidelines For Accurate Frost Removal

These days, the frost paint for the windows is quite popular, mainly during the holiday seasons. Besides, people also prefer to frost pain their windows to maintain the privacy. But now the holiday season is knocking at the door, and like other homeowners you must also want to add some different touch to your entire home. 

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Removing the window frosting will be one such activity that you should do to get a new look for your windows. You can easily remove window frosting spray with just a minimal etching and this way you will get a complete new style. In this blog you will find the step-by-step instructions to remove the window frosting spray.

Use the knife: Use the knife along with a metal ruler and cut downward through the window frosting. Then run the blade under the cutting edge and try to pry up all the frosting. After you find a peeled back corner, use the fingers to pull of the frosting areas gently and let those frostings fall on the drop cloth. Repeat this process several times to cut and remove as much frosting as possible. This way you would be able to take off some large swathes of frosting.
  • Use the razor blade: The next step of window frosting removal is to use the razor blade and to scrape the frosting downward for window frosting removal. Scrape the frosting gently in order to avoid breaking or cracking the glass. Use the blade to the edges and corners to remove the frosting.
  • Use steel wool: After using the razor blade, if a little frosting remains, then rub that gently with best quality steel wool. Put a little pressure to avoid getting any scratches on the glasses.
  • Clean the glass: After removing all the frostings, then you need to clean up the glass to have a perfect finish. Take some amount of any commercial glass cleaner solution in a dry and clean cloth and apply a few times to clean off the entire residue.
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Thursday, 19 December 2013

How To Remove Window Frosting Film | Quick Facts To Remove Window Frost Easily

To remove window frosting film is perhaps the last thought to come into the mind of a person while having the film installed. However over time the glue bond holding the film in position will start to break. When it begins to display signs of wear, they must realize that it will not be long till the adhesive no more holds the film and one will require finding an effective method to remove it.

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In several cases, one can use the ammonia-based cleanser to dissolve any left-over adhesive and softly pull the frosting film off the window. The finest way to remove window frosting film frequently depends on the kind of window that are being treated.

Few window films, mainly those utilized in store windows or any other commercial uses, might have a special kind of adhesive which requires a specialty spray to remove window frosting. There is a method that is in general safe with effective results for maximum windows, even though, comprising windows in the vehicles that might have defroster strips which shouldn't be damaged or scratched.

The devices required for removal of the film are stuffs that a person probably already have anywhere in the house. They consist of a shaving razor or a penknife, and will also require an ammonia-based cleaner.

One will also require something for covering the vehicle interior and any other surface below the windows which are being cleaned to catch drips of ammonia or the cleaner while working. Thus the answer to the question “how to remove window frosting film?” is very much simple.

Firstly, one should lift the window film corners gently. With a razor or a penknife one should pull it away slowly as much as they can without ripping the film.

Then they can spray the ammonia-based cleaner on the uncovered region and work that under the film as much as can be done. After that one can try to pull away more of the film, and then continue applying the cleaner, and working it in, and finally pulling the film and repeating the process again till the complete film comes out. For further information please visit

Sunday, 17 November 2013

How To Remove Window Frosting Film | Guidelines To Remove Window Frosting

Home dwellers generally opt for frosted windows for privacy purposes. Frost is a thin layer of paint applied by manufacturers on the window glass. It serves to preserve the privacy of users without obstructing sunlight to peep inside rooms. However, just as you are inclined towards frosted windows for your homes, you might as well be willing to remove frost from your cars as well.

If you are really willing to remove window frosting then you should be prudent enough to follow a few steps in this regard. Don’t rush through it thinking that window frosting removal is not as difficult a process as frosting itself and therefore requires no systematic method. Even if you are interested in removing frost from your window make sure that you are doing it correctly following a step by step method.

There are various methods that you can opt for in this regard including the spray de icer method, the plastic card method etc. for cars. Each process entails different ways by which you can remove window frosting film. For removing window frosting from home you can similarly use simple tools but in a systematic manner in a bid to eke out positive results. Please remember that if you have used frost on several panes then it would take some time before the entire frost is removed.

Some of the tools that you might be requiring for the purpose are knife, razor blade, and steel wool etc. After your all the needful cutting, scraping and rubbing is done, make sure that you are cleaning the glass properly in a bid to ensure that no remains of the paint are there on the glass. It would be great if you can consult some online videos in this regard. Conduct due research in a bid to find out whether there are professional services available or not. If yes, make sure that you are consulting the prices duly as well.

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Thursday, 31 October 2013

How To Remove Window Frosting | Guidelines For Window Frosting Removal From Experts

The window frosting mainly works like a sticker which you peel from the paper surface and apply on the window. But with times, the common wear and tear and also the ultraviolet ray start to damage this frosting. After that, while the frosting no more looks great, it is the time when you should remove it from the window. 

Though you successfully remove the frosting, the adhesive still sticks to the window. So, you need to put some extra effort in the window frosting removal process in order to remove the adhesive. But this is not a tough job. In this blog, I will tell you the process how to remove window frosting. Read along to learn more.
  • Use the knife and make cut downward through the frosting. Then run the blade of the knife under the edge of the cut and pry up the frosting. After peeling back any corner, use your fingers to pull off all the frosting areas. Take off large swathes of the frosting from the window. Repeat the cuts and remove as much as frosting as you can.
  • Add the razor blade in a holder, put on the safety gloves and then scrape downward to remove the frosting from the window. Scrape gently and push the blade into corners and edges, then discard the frosting on a drop cloth.
  • Use the best quality steel wool to remove the leftover frosting. Put a little pressure to avoid getting any scratches. After roughening up the surface of the frosting with the steel wool, try to use the razor once more. Scrape downward and repeat the process until and unless the frosting removes completely.
  • After all the window frosting removal you have to clean the window. Use any commercial glass cleaner or vinegar and clean the glass with the help of a clean cloth. It will take a few applications to clean all the residue and to make your window sparkling again.
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