Monday, 23 December 2013

How To Remove Window Frosting Spray | Guidelines For Accurate Frost Removal

These days, the frost paint for the windows is quite popular, mainly during the holiday seasons. Besides, people also prefer to frost pain their windows to maintain the privacy. But now the holiday season is knocking at the door, and like other homeowners you must also want to add some different touch to your entire home. 

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Removing the window frosting will be one such activity that you should do to get a new look for your windows. You can easily remove window frosting spray with just a minimal etching and this way you will get a complete new style. In this blog you will find the step-by-step instructions to remove the window frosting spray.

Use the knife: Use the knife along with a metal ruler and cut downward through the window frosting. Then run the blade under the cutting edge and try to pry up all the frosting. After you find a peeled back corner, use the fingers to pull of the frosting areas gently and let those frostings fall on the drop cloth. Repeat this process several times to cut and remove as much frosting as possible. This way you would be able to take off some large swathes of frosting.
  • Use the razor blade: The next step of window frosting removal is to use the razor blade and to scrape the frosting downward for window frosting removal. Scrape the frosting gently in order to avoid breaking or cracking the glass. Use the blade to the edges and corners to remove the frosting.
  • Use steel wool: After using the razor blade, if a little frosting remains, then rub that gently with best quality steel wool. Put a little pressure to avoid getting any scratches on the glasses.
  • Clean the glass: After removing all the frostings, then you need to clean up the glass to have a perfect finish. Take some amount of any commercial glass cleaner solution in a dry and clean cloth and apply a few times to clean off the entire residue.
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